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WrestleMania XXX find wrestling fights involving different wrestlers scripts , plots and current stories that take place in television programs of WWE . The fighters are heroes or villains , as będzieseria events that build tension, and they are in action or series of matches . Show Time tocztery Wrestlemania , jeśliWWE should try to do your best to take full advantage of their Superstars concerts as possible , even if it is tylkosegment in the ring. Already confirmed for the concert is Randy Orton defending the WWE World Title against Batista, Undertaker Brock Lesnar and undefeated challenge . On 26 January , the return of Batista won the 2014 Royal Rumble , which Rumble Match winner and many gopiątym win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the head as the main event of WrestleMania XXX . At Elimination Chamber , Randy Orton successfully defended the championship in the main event of WrestleMania title. On February 21 , WWE announced that Hulk Hogan returned to the WWE , which will take place . Bryan can probably compare Triple H pencil at this point too . Appears between Sheamus and Christian równieżmecz may be provided. So what remains ? I hope that many. WWE WrestleMania live stream still some talented wrestlers who deserve to be part of this historic night. Alvarez also takes the time to mention that Christian vs Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes and Goldust many other interesting rumors for now. No doubt , the news of the potential change in Orton - Batista will be well received by fans and critics. As mentioned earlier this week , the battle between Orton and Batista singles jestnadciągającej disaster. Batista did not like Babyface - in fact, now the crowds are often much booing him on TV and pay per view . On 24 February , Brock Lesnarwraca with Heyman appeared on Raw to express their grievances without Lesnar for the title at WrestleMania . Calm down, Triple H gave them a contract , making any challenge match Lesnar at WrestleMania , Orton and Batista , with the exception of the title game . Neither Lesnar and Heyman wanted to do something with an open challenge and decided to leave because she felt that someone does not będziena pretty big challenge. In response to this letter , WrestleMania 2014 live Undertaker turned and looked at Lesnar , pointing to question his WrestleMania undefeated series. Lesnar voluntarily signed a contract and pen in a hurry to sign the Undertaker , but Undertaker solidified correspondence with its own kind of signature: stabbed with a pen in hand and Lesnar chokeslam him through the conference table. Surprisingly, even took him on WWE television, probably the star seems to be more modest and friendly (note: it is not). Orton is pretty stale as a champion now too. In addition to the long list of issues on the occasion of advanced quantum physics, it is probably easier to work with than the deeply dysfunctional "friendship" between Orton and the McMahon-probably WrestleMania 2014 stream still trying to recover from defeat John Cena Royal Rumble in January. It's hard to believe that it was once one of the most popular guys in the census. It's like the fans got bored and even deeply offended WrestleMania online 2014 "Viper" in recent times.